Are you considering installing hardwood flooring in your home? Learn more about the right types of wood and installation tips.

Carpet Retailers | 3 Factors Every Pet Owner Should Consider Before Buying A Carpet

25 July 2016
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Carpets look great in any home, but they can be more difficult to maintain than other flooring choices. Nevertheless, if you're hell bent on them, consider these vital factors before heading off to the carpet retailers when you have pets in your home. Consider Getting Nylon Carpets Nylon is regarded as a durable and strong manmade fibre. Even though it is well known for its stain and tear resistance properties, it still remains and affordable choice without compromising on aesthetic value. Read More …

3 tips on choosing the perfect flooring option

16 June 2016
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Choosing the kind of floor is not a decision that you should rush into. Your flooring contributes greatly to the look and feel of your home, so you need to take enough time to look at all the options. It's not only about the looks; you also want a floor that will give you more for your hard-earned money. So if you're thinking of replacing your floor, then here are some expert tips for you have in mind. Read More …

Some Questions You Might Have About Engineered Hardwood Flooring

28 March 2016
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Engineered hardwood flooring refers to a type of flooring that is built in layers; the bottom or core layers are usually made with a very inexpensive but strong plywood or something similar, and then these pieces are covered in a layer of hardwood. Engineered hardwood floors are a good choice for those who want real wood floors but cannot afford the cost of solid wood planks, as the thin top layer will be the wood of their choice but the bottom layers are the more inexpensive plywood or other option. Read More …

Tips to Decorating With Southwest Style Rugs

1 March 2016
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Southwest style decor is inspired from the Native Americans' culture. The dominant themes are desert themes, so you should expect to use many earthy colours in your decorating scheme. The rugs are characterised by bold prints and colourful motifs, thus some creativity is required in ensuring they complement the overall theme of your home. Here are a few things you should keep in mind so that you can successfully incorporate southwest rugs into your residence. Read More …

Tips to Purchasing Hardwood Flooring Online

25 January 2016
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If you are considering changing the flooring of your home, one of the more popular options for residences is hardwood. This type of flooring is always guaranteed to add a classic touch to any home it is installed in due to the warmth and beauty that it creates. However, hardwood flooring is also quite expensive, and because of this, more and more people would rather look for sales and discounts online. Read More …

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