Tips to Purchasing Hardwood Flooring Online

Are you considering installing hardwood flooring in your home? Learn more about the right types of wood and installation tips.

Tips to Purchasing Hardwood Flooring Online

25 January 2016
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If you are considering changing the flooring of your home, one of the more popular options for residences is hardwood. This type of flooring is always guaranteed to add a classic touch to any home it is installed in due to the warmth and beauty that it creates. However, hardwood flooring is also quite expensive, and because of this, more and more people would rather look for sales and discounts online. If you choose to purchase your hardwood flooring online, there are number of things to keep in mind to ensure that when the flooring is delivered it will match your expectations. Here are some tips to purchasing hardwood flooring online.

Take note of your current sub-floor before making a choice of hardwood flooring

The most common materials used for sub-floors are concrete and plywood. Knowing the type of sub-flooring you have enables you to understand any limitations that may crop up before investing in hardwood flooring. Not only will it affect the construction of the flooring, but also the method used for installation. Homeowners who have a sub-flooring made of plywood would be better off opting for solid hardwood flooring.

On the other hand, if you have concrete sub-flooring, then you would be better off with engineered hardwood flooring, which can be installed right on top of the concrete. Lastly, if you have concrete flooring but would prefer solid hardwood flooring, then you would have to consider incorporating a plywood sub-flooring atop of the concrete before the hardwood is installed. Uneven concrete would also have to be smoothed out before any new hardwood flooring is installed.

Take note of any height constraints

Another aspect that homeowners take for granted when shopping for flooring online is height constraints. Generally, solid hardwood flooring tends to be thicker than its other hardwood counterparts are. As such, if you were set on this type of flooring, you would have to take into consideration the door heights in the room that  it is being installed in.

If the flooring is being installed in your kitchen, take note of cabinet heights, appliances such as the oven door, dishwashers and more. The thicker the flooring, the higher the chance that it may cause restrictions if there is not enough space between the flooring and the various doors mentioned above. The addition of a plywood flooring on concrete sub-flooring will make this difference even more significant, so you may have to consider other flooring options in case solid hardwood may be too high. 

Keep these tips in mind as you check out flooring online, and you should be able to get the flooring that will best meet your needs. 

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