3 tips on choosing the perfect flooring option

Are you considering installing hardwood flooring in your home? Learn more about the right types of wood and installation tips.

3 tips on choosing the perfect flooring option

16 June 2016
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Choosing the kind of floor is not a decision that you should rush into. Your flooring contributes greatly to the look and feel of your home, so you need to take enough time to look at all the options. It's not only about the looks; you also want a floor that will give you more for your hard-earned money. So if you're thinking of replacing your floor, then here are some expert tips for you have in mind. 

Be flexible with your preferences

Since the floor is something you'll be seeing all day, then you need to ensure it matches your tastes. However, be flexible. The material you choose also needs to match the surrounding room.  If you love the rustic look of wood, then you can have dark hardwood flooring compliment the light walls in the room.

The location also matters. Having wood in the bathroom is a bad idea as it easily warps due to moisture. You can decide on having vinyl designed to look like hardwood flooring. If that idea doesn't sound too good, then go for wood laminate flooring. It's resistant to water drips and more durable since it's made from compacted wood.

Go for eco-friendly flooring

For a lover of the environment, then you'd be glad to know that eco-friendly flooring exists. You can have recycled glass tiles or flooring made from bamboo wood. Bamboo wood is a kind of grass that has got similar features to hardwood. However, it takes a few years to grow to maturity.

You could also have stained concrete as your flooring option. This is another eco-friendly material for your floors. Once it's polished and tinted with colours of your choice, concrete radiates perfect beauty. You could even install other materials like glass tiles on top of it whenever you wish.

Traffic on the floors

The amount of traffic also affects the flooring decision to make. Some materials such as cork floors can't handle multiple pairs of heels constantly beating down on them.

If you have very playful kids that are always playing with water, then skip the wood; go for tile instead. Tile handles water pretty well. For homes with extreme traffic such as pets, kids and visitors that are always coming and leaving, then you need to get a resilient floor such as vinyl, ceramic or even concrete.   

However, if you love soft floors, and your home has got minimal traffic, then carpeting over wood flooring will be what you need.   

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