Carpet Retailers | 3 Factors Every Pet Owner Should Consider Before Buying A Carpet

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Carpet Retailers | 3 Factors Every Pet Owner Should Consider Before Buying A Carpet

25 July 2016
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Carpets look great in any home, but they can be more difficult to maintain than other flooring choices. Nevertheless, if you're hell bent on them, consider these vital factors before heading off to the carpet retailers when you have pets in your home.

Consider Getting Nylon Carpets

Nylon is regarded as a durable and strong manmade fibre. Even though it is well known for its stain and tear resistance properties, it still remains and affordable choice without compromising on aesthetic value. Nylon carpets hold well against sunlight, cleaning and high foot traffic, making them the most ideal choice when you have pets in your home. In comparison, wool carpets look luxurious, but they tend to display stains more easily. They can also get damaged with pet paws and nails constantly exposed to them, so it's probably best to avoid wool.

Choose A Colour That Camouflages Stains And Paw Prints

Your pets are bound to spend time outdoors, which means that they will likely come into the house with muddy paws from time to time. They may also inevitably spill something on your carpets. This can be incredibly frustrating for you to clean regularly. To circumvent this problem, choose a colour that camouflages stains and paw prints. The best colours for pets would be darker colours like browns, greys and maroons because they will hide dirt more easily than lighter coloured carpets. Patterned carpets are also ideal for concealing dirt and stains. Most carpet retailers stock a variety of colours and patterns, so you should be able to find something that blends into the existing decor of your home.

Choose Cut Pile Carpets Over Loop Piles

Carpets are typically made with cut or loop piles. Loop piled carpets pull separate yarn strands through the back of the carpet to create a loop. They represent casual appeal, but the loops can easily get stuck in your pet's paws, resulting in premature fraying or tearing of carpet piles. Loop piled carpets also serve as tempting chew toys because of the protruding twists. In comparison, cut piled carpets have loops cut on the top. This means that pet nails and paws won't get caught in any loops. Not only do cut piles look comfortable, but they are also more pet friendly without getting damaged as easily as their loop pile counterparts.

If you're in the market to buy a carpet even with a pet in your home, consider these vital factors when visiting carpet retailers to make a sound decision.

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