Tips to Decorating With Southwest Style Rugs

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Tips to Decorating With Southwest Style Rugs

1 March 2016
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Southwest style decor is inspired from the Native Americans' culture. The dominant themes are desert themes, so you should expect to use many earthy colours in your decorating scheme. The rugs are characterised by bold prints and colourful motifs, thus some creativity is required in ensuring they complement the overall theme of your home. Here are a few things you should keep in mind so that you can successfully incorporate southwest rugs into your residence.

Choose stark white walls for the room

The first thing you will need to do is paint all the walls white. Stark white walls are a classic form of south-western decorating. The white walls are supposed to add a sense of warmth to any room. For south-western decorating, it would be best to use paint colour called Navaho white. This colour tends to make a room feel warm, yet it does not give the impression of the space being closed in. It also goes well with any design of southwest rugs so you do not have to limit yourself to picking a southwest rug that has to match your walls.

Choose rug colours to match the mood of the room

The next thing you will need to do is select the right colour of southwest rugs for the room that you are decorating. Typical southwest area rugs come in an array of colours with intricate patterns. The main thing that most southwest rugs have in common is that they are inspired from the southwest landscape. They may have a lot of themes that involve the landscape or incorporate shapes that have been inspired from nature. If you would like the room to have an invigorating feel, you can opt for southwest rugs in reds and browns. On the other hand, if you would like a calmer environment, you can opt for southwest rugs that incorporate turquoise or blue to represent water.

Choose furniture that will complement the rugs

After you have selected the right southwest rugs that best suit your style, it is now time to pick the furniture that will go into that room. Furniture with clean lines work best at not detracting attention from the southwest rugs. Furniture pieces made from solid wood are also great for maintaining the overall earthy theme of the room. When having your furniture pieces brought in, make sure they do not hide the southwest rugs that you have for the room. The furniture should complement the rugs. Once you have the furniture pieces in place, you can now get cushions to complete the look. Make sure you get cushions in bright colours such as orange and yellow to keep with your south-western theme.

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