4 Qualities of Bamboo Flooring That Will Grab Your Attention

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4 Qualities of Bamboo Flooring That Will Grab Your Attention

29 May 2018
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Are you considering giving your floor a perfect finish? You should consider using bamboo flooring to make your home stand out. Make consultations with floor decor companies to assess if they can handle this task for you. There are several factors about this type of flooring that will definitely attract you.

Firm in Nature

Strand woven bamboo flooring is considered to be one of the most solid types of flooring. Contrasted to different types of hardwoods like oak, the strand woven bamboo flooring stands out with its magnificent rigidity. You do not have to be worried about the heavy load on your floor or sharp objects being moved around. Notably, the strand woven bamboo flooring is resistant to scratches and does not easily get dented. Your guests can walk around the house with sharp pointed shoes without giving you a scare.

Extremely Beautiful

Have you ever attended a property show or a home expo and seen a strand woven bamboo flooring on display? You will be blown away by the classic finish of the strand woven floorings. The multiple colours of strand woven bamboo flooring are so beautiful. For instance, if you do not like the carbonised colour, then you can still choose the rustic or natural colour. The boards also come in different sizes which makes your section options endless.

Requires Simple Installation Techniques

You do not require any special skills to install strand woven bamboo flooring. The installation steps are easy and direct to follow. For instance, you can place the boards without fixing them underneath. The process is called floating and does not require the use of adhesives. Another method of installation involves using nails or adhesives to fix the boards to the floor underneath.

Adjusts With Temperature Changes

Seasonal temperature changes will not affect your stand woven bamboo flooring. Notably, the bamboo boards are capable of shifting with the prevailing temperature. During hot weather, the boards will expand to accommodate the high temperature. On the other hand, the boards will contact during cold seasons. Therefore, your stand woven bamboo flooring will not crack or shrink because of alternating temperatures during different seasons.

Another benefit of bamboo floorings is that it does not require any special type of cleaning. Just make sure that you use cleaning solutions that do not react with wooden materials. Avoid using abrasive material when cleaning them. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt that may be stuck between the boards.

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