Taking Good Care of Your Hardwood Flooring

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Taking Good Care of Your Hardwood Flooring

13 January 2016
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There are many different ways that you can add style and function to your home. Installing hardwood floors is a great way to ensure that the value of your property is maintained. Hardwood floors look beautiful and shiny, but only if they are well cared for. In between professional cleanings, there are care tips designed for hardwood floors that you can follow to ensure that your floors have a long lifespan and retain visual appeal.


It is important that you only use cleaning products that are specifically designed for use on hardwood floors. If you choose other types of cleaning products that are designed for use on tile or vinyl flooring, it will leave a dingy film on the hardwood that makes slips more prevalent. It is even possible for cleaning products that are not designed for use on hardwood to actually dull the surface of the wood over time. Cleaning products designed for use on hardwood are slightly more expensive, but it is worth the added cost to maintain your flooring.


You might think that small particles of dirt are not harmful or damaging to your wood, but this is not the case. Dirt can actually result in scratching on your hardwood floors. Dirt can be abrasive and if tracked over your floors, it does have the ability to cause extensive damage. This means that you should place small rugs at all doorways that lead to hardwood floors. This will ensure that the dirt is trapped and wiped off before you reach the wood flooring.


It is also important to get in the habit of only dry mopping hardwood floors. A wet mop is not the ideal cleaning tool because water on the surface of the wood will dull it over time. The finish of your hardwood floors can be ruined due to water. This means that you should instead use a dry mop. A dry mop duster made from a microfibre material is best and will remove all dust. If you own a vacuum with a soft floor attachment, this is preferred to using a wet mop. It is best to not use water, soap or ammonia-based products on your hardwood floors.


Applying a wax finish to your flooring will give it the shine that you desire. This type of finish should be applied every once in a while and will also make your hardwood floors more durable and less prone to scratching. In order to maintain your floors in between waxing, it is best to buff your hardwood floors. Buffing will ensure that the shine lasts.

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