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Vinyl Boss: Should You Choose Sheet Vinyl Or Vinyl Tiles For Your Kitchen?

17 March 2017
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Vinyl flooring is one of the most durable, stain-resistant and long-lived flooring choices available today, so it's no surprise that many kitchens across Australia and the rest of the world are fitted with vinyl flooring. However, if you choose to install vinyl flooring in your kitchen, you may have trouble deciding what style of vinyl to choose -- vinyl sheeting and vinyl tiles are both widely available, and while pretty much any vinyl floor is capable of handling the abuse meted out to the average kitchen floor, these two types of vinyl flooring have their own distinct properties and advantages. Read More …

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I love the look of hardwood flooring. It gains character as it ages and you see the warmth of the wood come out. It's not as easy to install as some of the new laminate floors, but I can guarantee you that 10 years down the track the extra work you put into installing the flooring is obvious in the better condition of the flooring. If you are contemplating hardwood flooring this blog will be a useful resource. It has a guide to choosing the right types of wood and tips to make sure your installation is as flawless as possible.